NFC – Mifare Smart Labels as stickers for driving licenses

Now available at our stores: NFC Mifare Smart Labels as stickers for driving licenses.

Fleet operators of commercial vehicles (i.e. trucks, buses etc.)  are obliged to inspect the original driving license of all drivers regularly at least twice a year.


You can now automate this process by integrating an authentification into the refuelling process:

With the Transponder sticker on his licence being used for identification / authorization at the refueling terminal, it can be ensured at the same time, that the driver is currently in possession of a valid driving license. Did he loose the driver’s license for example, he cannot refuel anymore!

Manipulation will be prevented effectively. Tamper-proof labels can only be attached once. Any attempt to peel the label off destroys it automatically.

We are glad that we can offer these Mifare smart label transponders to you and of course the right reading technique for your fuel system.

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