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Most national ID-Cards are equipped with a 13.56MHz RFID Chip, which stores personal data as well as several additional functions.

That can be activated by the card holder. The chip also has an ID-Code, which can be read by all Aceprox Mifare UID Readers.

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Kennards Hire is using AceProx Desktop Readers in all their branches  in Australia and New Zealand . 

Kennards Hire is the largest tool and equipment hire company in Australia. As each customer transaction required the staff member’s name and ID details, the manual process of logging in was not only time consuming and cumbersome, but was inefficient. Kennards needed a simpler and more effective way of capturing this information and speeding up the transactions. Through its partnership with Electro-Com, a Melbourne-based distributor and expert in RFID equipment, Kennards was able to implement a solution that best suited its environment. The company installed a compact AceProx RFID HF Reader at every point of sale (POS) register and equipped each employee with a Mifare HF RFID wristband with their unique identification data. Identification was instantaneous. By simply scanning the wristband to theReader, processing times of customers’ paperwork were greatly reduced.

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