693-52 Proximity Card Programmer

The 693-52 Card Programmer will encode a 125kHz read/write card with a user defined ID number, which is EM H 4001/2, 4102 compatible. In addition the card programmer can be used to write up to 100 bits of

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723-99 MIFARE® Evaluation Kit

The 723-99 Evaluation Kit enables an OEM design engineer to understand and evaluate the features of the 723-52 MIFARE® sector Reader/writer module and to ease the integration into third parties hard and software. A fully tuned external Antenna is

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727-52 Multi Sector MIFARE® Reader/Writer

The 727-52 multi sector 13.56MHz contactless MIFARE® Reader/Writer operates with MIFARE® Classic 1K/4K, MIFARE Plus® X/MIFARE Plus® S (in security level 1) or MIFARE Ultralight® cards.The Reader uses a PHILIPS MIFARE® Reader IC and complies to ISO 14443A. A

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727-53 USB MIFARE® Programmer

The 727-53 MIFARE® card programmer can write keys and access bits into the trailer block and loads values into any sectors of a MIFARE® Transponder. The card programmer comes complete with usb cable and a Windows-compatible PC software. Configuration Cards

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