728-52 HID ProxII® Reader with Keyboard Wedge USB

The 728-52 Proximity Card Reader is specially designed for the operation in a PC environment. It is suitable for reading all FSK 26/37bit, HID ProxII® compatible passive transponders. Their internal code can be used directly in the applicable software application without any need for software modification, since it is entered at the curser position. Like this typing errors can be avoided and the card number does not need to be printed on the outside anymore. The 728-52 has got a keyboard emulation and can be plugged in directly into a USB Port without installation of any hardware drivers. It acts as a Human Interface Device. No external power supply required.


  • Reads UID Code
  • Contactless reading of all HID ProxII® 26/37bit compatible passive transponders
  • USB-Interface transmitting either the Hex- or the Decimal-Codes in user selectable length, also Wiegand and Crosspoint Code selectable
  • Control of reading process by buzzer tone
  • Easy connection by Standard USB-Port Plugs

Application ranges

  • POS Systems
  • PC User Authorisation
  • Verification of passive transponder card number also without imprint
  • Security & Access Control Systems
Buzzer Yes
Dimensions (LxBxH) mm 118 x 54 x 21
Frequency 125 kHz
Humidity 5 – 95%
Interface Standard USB Interface using ASCII Code. HEX, DEC, Wiegand and Crosspoint Format in selectable length.
LED Control Cable
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +55°C
Operating Voltage Power supplied through USB interface, no external source required
Reading Distance Approx. 10 cm depending on transponder type chosen.
RFID Transponders Supported Compatible with HID ProxII® 26/37bit
Storage Temperature Range 0°C to +55°C
Transponder ID Code Code in HID ProxII® format
Type ofTransponder Passive Transponder
Weight (in g) 185