713-99 MIFARE® Evaluation Kit

The 713-99 Evaluation Kit enables an OEM design engineer to understand and evaluate the features of the 713-52 MIFARE® ID Reader Module and to ease the integration into third parties’ hard and software. A fully tuned external Antenna is part of the kit.

Application ranges

  • Security Systems, i.e. access control
  • Industrial data collection / Job Costing
  • Integration into existing MIFARE® based applications
  • Time & Attendance Systems
Frequency 13,56 MHz
Interface Wiegand ,Magstripe emulation, Clock/Data,RS232(9600,n,8,1) TTL Levels
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C
Operating Voltage 5-15 V DC, 120mA
Reading Distance Up to 90 mm (depends on external antenna)
RFID Transponders Supported Compatible with MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE Ultralight®
Transponder ID Code 10-digit in Hex or 13-digit in Decimal-Code or Code in Wiegand Format
Type of Transponder Passive Transponder