713-52 MIFARE® ID-Code Reader module (Without Internal Antenna)

The 713-52 is a very high performance proximity Reader module for reading the unique ID-Code of all Mifare Chips. It is designed for integration into existing housings, i.e. terminals. The 713-52 Reader is the best choice for system integrators because of its wide range of power inputs (between 5V to 13.8V DC) and the large choice of output formats. An externalAntenna is required.


  • Compact Dimensions
  • Variable operating voltage of 5 – 13.8 VDC
  • Fully potted for increased weather resistance
  • Compatible with all MIFARE® Chips
  • Reads common NFC Tags

Application ranges

  • Security Systems, i.e. access control
  • Industrial data collection / Job Costing
  • Time & Attendance Systems
  • Integration into existing MIFARE® based applications
Dimensions (LxBxH) mm Module: 46x 30x 11
Pins: 6.5
Frequency 13,56 MHz
Humidity 10 – 90%
Interface Wiegand, Magstripe emulation, Clock/Data,RS232(9600,n,8,1) TTL Levels
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
Operating Voltage 5 – 13.8V DC,90mA
Protection Class IP65
Reading Distance Up to 75mm depending on external antenna design.
RFID Transponders Supported Compatible with MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE Ultralight®, NTAG 2XX
Transponder ID Code 10-digit in Hex or 13-digit in Decimal-Code or Code in Wiegand Format
Weight (in g) <30