DS100 Serial Device Server

DS100 Serial Device Server is an external device which connects the serial equipment to the Ethernet.It is Stylish and robust, suitable for both office and industrial environment.

DS100 Serial Device Server provide the fastest and the most economical way to connect any serial device to the 10BaseT Ethernet (TCP/IP) network.It is supplied with Device Server Toolkit software for Windows including:

Virtual Serial Port Manager to create any number of Virtual Serial Ports on the PC

Device Server Manager to edit the Settings of the EM100 via the network

Connection Wizard to quickly link EM100 to Virtual Serial Port

Virtual Serial Port Monitor to log the activity of Virtual Serial Ports

It supports TCP,UDP,ICMP(Ping) and ARP Protocols.


  • Supports TCP, UDP, ICMP (Ping) and ARP communications protocols
  • Flexible,have many adjustable functioning parameters
Dimensions (LxBxH) mm 95x57x30
Humidity 10-90%
Interface Serial Interface:RS232
Network Interface:10BaseT Ethernet
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +55°C
Operating Voltage 12 V DC ,150mA max