Newsletter April 2024

USB Multi-Technology Reader now supporting Virtual COM Ports

Similar to our multi-tag reader 865-52 (125kHz, 13.56MHz) with PC Keyboard Emulation,
there is now a new model 865-53 for serial communication via a virtual COM port.

The 865-53 is recognized as a CDC (Communication Device Class), opening a
virtual COM port. It outputs the transponder code to a PC running terminal
emulation software such as Realterm, Hyperterminal etc.

AceProx readers for increased sustainability

Many AceProx Readers have been in service for 20 years or more in the roughest conditions.
The durability and reliability of Aceprox RFID readers not only reduces lifetime costs for integrators and
their customers alike: It also increases the sustainability of the entire system.
And, of course, these lower costs also increase the satisfaction of the operating customers.

Due to the public holiday – Ascension Day – on 09.04.2024, we are also closed on 10.04.2024.

Survey results on the cable lengths of our wall-mount readers

At the end of last year, we launched a customer survey on the cable length of our standard wall-mount readers 684-52, 714-52 etc.

We had heard from several customers that they often shorten the connection cables for installation reasons.
Or, if it has to be extended, then by several meters.
We therefore considered fitting a shorter cable (now – 30cm) for the standard version.

Sustainability Aspect:
Less cable would be thrown away and of course there would also be savings on the shipping weight,
which could also buffer the current increase in freight costs.

But don’t worry ;)

Of course, any cable length can still be ordered.
Various readers with 300cm and 120cm connection cables, also manufactured for other customers,
are usually even available directly from stock.
The survey showed that the overwhelming majority agreed to a 30cm as the new standard cable length.

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