Our New USB Readers

The new range of AceProx USB Desktop Keyboard-emulating Readers.

Emulates a PC Keyboard – no driver SW required. Easy configuration by DIP Switch.
Available for Mifare ® & NFC  ID-Code
Desktop beide



  • Verification of passive transponder card number
  • POS Systems
  • PC User Authorisation
  • Security & Access Control Systems as log-in unit or take-on reader
  • Control of printers and photocopiers
New compact housing with many branding options or PCB only.
Company Logo
You want to show your company logo on our RFID Readers? We can offer professional and cost-effective options for any quantity: Label, di-rect printing, injection molded.Company Header Code
You would like to keep the reader business to yourself?  We can add your specific company code to the data  string of the transponder be-ing read. So no third-party reader can be used on your system anymore.
Special Output Formats
You require a special output format? We can offer you customized firmware for all our   readers.