723-52 MIFARE® Data Sector Reader/Writer Module (Without Internal Antenna)

The 723-52 multi sector MIFARE® Reader/Writer OEM Module is an intelligent 13,56MHzReader / writer designd to operate with the MIFARE® Std. 1k and 4k Transponder by using ASCII-Code commands. The 723-52 can read and write any sector and block on theTransponder in MAD or non-MAD Mode. The Reader is the best choice for system integrators because of its wide input power range (between 5V to 12V DC).


  • Compact Dimensions
  • Variable operating voltage of 5 to 12 V DC
  • Fully potted for increased weather resistance
  • Easy programming with ASCII-Code commands
  • Supports MIFARE® VALUE Function
  • Reads and writes MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus® , MIFARE Ultralight® , NTAG 2XX

Application ranges

  • Integration into existing MIFARE® based applications
  • Security Systems, i.e. access control with biometric data on the card
  • Parking Systems
  • Leisure Parks
  • Canteen Accounting Systems
  • City or Island Cards
Buzzer Yes
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Dimensions (LxBxH) mm Module: 46x30x11
Frequency 13,56MHz
Humidity 10 – 90%
Interface RS232 TTL levels at 19200 baud
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
Operating Voltage 5 -12 Volts DC, 100mA
Reading Distance 20mm –100mm with external antenna
RFID Transponders Supported Compatible with MIFARE® Classic 1K or 4K, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Plus®
Weight (in g) 30